10 frequently asked questions about Maldives

Posted on May 07, 2016

1. Do I need a visa to Maldives?

No. Only if you would like to stay more than 30 days, you have to extend your visa in immigration office in Male. For guest of Kamadhoo Inn we will help with visa extension. Please note that violation of visa law, including delay for even 1 day will cause a serious penalty!

2. Which currency to take with me? Where I can exchange money?

Currency of Maldives is Maldivian rufiyaa, but most of restaurants and big shops also accept US dollars. You can buy rufiyaas at Male airport and in local shops (in shops exchange rate is better). Please keep the exchange receipt otherwise you cannot exchange rufiyaas back to your currency.

3. Which language is spoken at Maldives?

Language of Maldives is divehi, however English is also commonly used.

4. Can I take my pet with me to Maldives?

Dogs are prohibited in Maldives, for other pets special government approval is required. We highly recommend to leave your pet at home.

5. Which kind of power socket is in Maldives?

Two types of power sockets are used in Maldives - European and British standard. You can buy adapter in any local shop. If you stay in our accommodation - we will take care of it for you.

6. What to do in Male while waiting for a flight?

Capital of Maldives - Male - is the smallest capital in the world, you can cross it in 20 minutes and go around for about 3 hours.

Male has some beautiful mosques, 2 parks, some original monuments and beautiful ex-president palace. It also has 1 crowded artificial beach and public swimming pool with marine water.

You can visit one of the good restaurants like Citron by Lemongrass, Thai wok, Symphony solo, China garden and others.

There are also many sport shops and dive shops, where you can buy some diving equipment. We recommend you to spend your time before flight at Hulumale - artificial island connected with airport as there is long beach, many guesthouses, cafes and souvenir shops.

7. Do I need medical insurance at Maldives?

Insurance is not obligatory, but highly recommended as medical treatment in local health centers could be expensive. 8. Do I need to make a vaccination before trip to Maldives? Vaccination is not necessary, as in Maldives there are no dangerous diseases.

8. Do I need to make a vaccination before trip to Maldives?

Vaccination is not necessary, as in Maldives there are no dangerous diseases.

9. Are there any snakes, sharks or other dangerous animals?

There are no dangerous animals in Maldives, neither snakes. You can meet iguanas, lizards, bats, rats and some insects which may look scary, but in fact this natural inhabitants of Maldivian fauna are very friendly and not dangerous for humans.

Underwater world is various in Maldives and there are some animals which may be toxic and hurtful. Please follow a few simple rules while snorkeling - don’t touch any corals and animals and don’t make too sudden movement to them if you want to avoid being stung or bitten. Normally, local marine creatures are not aggressive.

While snorkeling at coral reef of Kamadhoo you can meet small reef sharks which are not dangerous. There are no incidents of reef shark attack at Maldives ever. Highlights of Baa atoll - gigantic whale sharks (up to 20 meters long) also can be seen here. It’s considered one of the most friendly shark and it never attacks people, you can even snorkel with them.

Also be careful with some other animals like moray eel, sting ray, sea urchins and some kind of fishes like stone fish, lion fish and others.

10. Is it a good idea to travel to Maldives with small kids?

Yes, of course, but please note that a long flight could be exhausting for babies. Except this one point Maldives are safe even for infants.

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