What to take on the island and what is better to leave at home?

What to take with you and what better to leave at home?

Posted on March 25, 2016

We recommend to take with you:

  • Cash - US dollars (as there is no ATM at Kamadhoo yet);
  • Passports and booking confirmation from guesthouse;
  • Sun protection cream (min SPF40-50);
  • Insect repellent;
  • First aid kit;
  • Light clothes from natural materials (linen, cotton) - t-shirts, shorts; for woman we recommend to take cloth covering shoulders and knees (as Kamadhoo is muslim populated island);
  • Hat/cap and sunglasses;
  • Photo camera, GoPro, etc.
  • Mask and fins for snorkeling (if you haven't your own - no any problem - we'll provide it for you free of charge)

We recommend to leave at home:

  • Alcohol, drugs and pork - it’s prohibited by local law;
  • Shoes with heels - as there aren’t any asphalt roads;
  • Driver’s license - there is no ground transport except few motorbikes;
  • Clothes which are too revealing aren’t recommended either, such as tank tops, short shorts etc. - it will confuse locals as their dressing style is very conservative;
  • Warm clothing - as Maldives are located on the equator and there is always a hot weather, even in the evening.
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