When is best time to travel to Maldives?

When is best time to travel to Maldives?

Posted on April 01, 2016

Good news - Maldives are great for swimming and sunbathing all year round! Maldivian archipelago is located at an equator line, with a hot and wet tropical climate! Average temperature is +29..+32 С, water +27С.

Maldive islands have 3 seasons:

HIGH SEASON (20th of December - 28th of February)

In this time you can enjoy its best clear, sunny and warm weather. Clouds, winds and rains are very rare. Also, the sea is calm and water is clear and transparent. It’s the best time for beach holidays, for the diving and sea trips. The amount of tourists is at peak at this time of the year - hotels are fully booked, so we recommend to book a room months in advance.

$ During high season prices for accommodation and excursions are highest.

SEASON (1st of October - 19th of December, 1st of March - 15th of May)

In March and April the weather is still sunny and warm, but it’s getting hotter - the temperature reaches its maximum these months. In march waves are coming and starts surfing season starts, which continues until October. From October to December the weather is warm, mostly sunny and comfortable, with a chance of rain.

$ Prices are lower than at peak season, but increases around European Easter time.

LOW SEASON (16th of May - 30th of September)

It’s a high possibility of rains and storms, but it’s still suitable for swimming and sunbathing - the weather is warm and comfortable. Nature is green and lush and there are less tourists on the beaches. It’s the right time for water sports like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and others.

Underwater world is the most diverse from June to November so it’s a good time for fishing. It’s also best season for watching manta rays and whale sharks. June and July are the most rainy months. The most beneficial time to visit Maldives is November and April as prices are lowest.

$ Prices are minimal, so it’s a good chance to visit Maldives on budget!

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