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Posted on November 02, 2016

Local island tourism in Maldives is new, it start develop from 2009, as far as resorts created in our mind that common image of Maldives. Unlike resort island, where everything is created and functions for tourists, at local islands goes on real timeless village life. 

Kamadhoo - one of these local populated islands. On its area of just 637*410sq m lives around 300 people. If you're going to Kamadhoo - be ready to live in neighborhood with locals and to experience their authentic culture and life.


- if you dream about those beautiful clean white sand beaches with unbelievable turquoise water, to enjoy calmness and crowd less;

- if you are keen to experience local Maldivian life, as well as time on the beach or in the water;

- if you who want to enjoy water-based activities such as snorkeling and diving, to see manta ray and whale sharks, to visit inhabited island but who cannot afford a resort;

- if you live in close proximity to the Maldives (Sri Lanka, India, etc.) where it may be cheaper or more convenient than travelling further afield to places like Thailand;

- if you are interested to be one of first visitors of new tourism market;

- if you have two weeks for a vacation, but only a resort budget for one week, could add time at a local island to enjoy similar activities at a cheaper price;

- if you’re adventurous traveller with younger children – the islands are safe and the local children are very, very friendly – we bet your kids would make friends!



If the above points do not apply or interest you, then seriously consider looking elsewhere.

  • people who find it difficult to be flexible – transfer delays, time of excursions may change due to weather conditions, for example. This is all new, and there may be teething problems


  • people with mobility issues may like to look elsewhere – roads are sandy, and the beach is some distance (100-300m)


  •  if you think value for money is essential – you will be given a room that will cost twice as much as in many other tourist destinations. Prices are higher because this is a new industry in isolated places (just imagine island surrounded by ocean!), so transportation cost and taxes are high;


  • people who love to drink alcohol on their vacation and can't image beach relax without bottle of beer;


  • people who feel panic when see insects or mouse - these harmless creations - normal inhabits of tropics and, of course, you'll meet with them one day;


  • people who don’t like water activities (probably wouldn't choose the Maldives anyway) - because they won’t find many non-water activities at all;


  • if the Maldives is on your bucket list - it’s probably on there because you've dreamed of the decadent resort experience, such as luxury rooms, food, spa salons and high class service. You can still get that beaches, snorkelling or diving – but will you really be ticking it off that list?

Still interested? Read on!




  • At Kamadhoo, as at any local island, there is no alcohol and you cannot bring your own. It's a fact we cannot change, so just relax and expect healthy vacation, it worth!


  • Be respectful! You will need to dress modestly in the villages and outside of the tourist bikini - beaches. These restrictions apply more strongly to women – although a male can swim shirtless at a non-tourist beach, a woman will need to be covered when outside the tourist beaches, even when in the water.


  • Every cocopalm on island belongs to somebody, same with coconuts falling from trees. So if you want coconut - you better order it from restaurant for small money.


Despite some issues which may be disappointing for you, we hope you'll love Maldives as we love it, as it's fantastic and unique place just like no other!

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